During my doctoral studies I was the instructor of record for several economics courses.

The Econ Classroom || The website I created for my Intermediate Macro course.

Selected Student Comments

“Made me love economics.”

“Daniel was a great teacher. He was always accessible, knew the material, communicated the material and expectations clearly, and was very concerned with everyone’s comprehension.”

“He is excellent. I really like how much energy he brings to the classroom. It makes me want to learn and I retain the info better because of it.”

“Good at communicating and maintaining our attention. Provided relevant examples of the concepts that we were going over. Was very firm in his policies.”

“Mr. Otto was very accessible. He made use of Twitter and Facebook to allow students to communicate with him in the evenings, as well as traditional office hours. In addition, he held a weekly review session for tests. I do not believe it is reasonably possible for an instructor to offer more opportunities for help than he did.”

“This guy is a great instructor. He is able to make a relatively dry subject interesting and relates very well with his students. I hated Econ 110, but actually found myself looking forward to each of Mr. Otto’s lectures this semester. He is able to communicate how the material we covered is relevant to current events and he shows us how to apply what we have learned to the real world. I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Otto, so I guess the biggest compliment I can pay him is to let you all know that for the first time in my academic career, I find myself a little sad that this class is coming to an end so soon.”