About Me

My life is largely defined by two events. First, the 2008 financial crisis which made me incredibly interested in economics and banking. Second, working at the Federal Reserve which has allowed me to pursue those interests in a unique way. These two events have created in me a deep passion for the construction of an economy that maximizes utility — not profits.

I enjoy soccer, golf, drawing, board games, digiornio supreme pizza, and dunkin donuts french vanilla coffee. I also lead a guild in world of warcraft.

After completing my undergraduate degree in economics at Auburn University, I stayed to complete a master’s degree before attending the University of Alabama for my doctoral degree in economics. Presently, I focus my research attention on the development of analytical tools that are easy to use yet provide significant and meaningful information to the user.

From August 2015 – March 2017, I participated in the Federal Reserve’s newly created Quantitative Fellowship program (QFP).

37 inches, 12lbs 14oz
37 inches, 12lbs 14oz
mother's day selfie with my sister and mom
mother’s day selfie with my sister and mom