Rep. Sewell visits Greensboro

Terri Sewell

Congresswoman Terri Sewell, Representative of Alabama’s 7th District, made an afternoon visit to Greensboro today as part of her four day, “Congress in Your Community” Town Hall Meeting Tour. In her one hour talk she touched on a  4 distinct topics.

Rep. Sewell’s speech opened with an informative briefing on the resources her office offers to the community highlighting the following: 1) a guide to grants, 2) a monthly newsletter, and 3) a handbook on the ACA. Within this list, Rep. Sewell made it a point to note that $635 million has been awarded to the 7th district through federal grants and 600 thousand under- or uninsured Alabamians now have access to health care through the ACA.

After a brief introduction of her staff, Rep. Sewell commented on her ‘Annual Report’, referencing her previous career as a corporate attorney, and how every firm provides their shareholders with an annual report making the analogy that “you [her constituents] are stakeholders in the district.” From this, a clearly enthusiastic and proud Rep. Sewell went into her greatest accomplishment of 2013 — passing the Congressional Gold Medal Bill honoring the “Four Little Girls” killed in the 1963 Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing. Rep. Sewell went on to thank Congressmen Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions for helping to pass this, her first bill, on the Senate side.

The final third of Rep. Sewell’s speech was an overview of events that were “on the horizon.” First, however, stating that the gridlock in Congress is “very real.” Rep. Sewell yet felt optimistic for 2014 citing the recent passage of the omnibus budget bill and 5 year Farm Bill. Then, touching briefly on President Obama’s State of the Union Address, Rep. Sewell said she “fully supported” the President’s economic statements, equal pay for women, and immigration reform — noting that “HB 56 did us [Alabama] a huge disservice.”

Rep. Sewell, lastly, turned her attention to upcoming legislation that was important to her including a short-term transportation bill and “restoring the teeth” to the Voting Rights Act (VRA). A new bipartisan VRA bill is currently in the works, however, Rep. Sewell said she could not in good conscience support it as the new bill does not automatically cover either Alabama or Florida.

Links to Topics

Grant Information

ACA Handbook

Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony (Video)

New VRA Bill


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