Alabama GOP Candidate Challenges

AEALogo Article

Madison County Republican activist Thomas Scovill filed challenges against six of those candidates for…accepting campaign contributions from the Alabama Education Association’s political action committee.

Scovill noted that the teachers union traditionally has been tightly intertwined with the Democratic Party.

“I think intertwined is a light word. … I don’t see any daylight between AEA and the Democratic Party,” he said. “To help the (Republican) party keep its definition, we need to keep AEA from just coming in a buying up candidates.”

My opinion: Recently, it seems, that the Republican party has been on a tear against all unions. Now, I’m not saying I have a considerable affinity towards campaign contributions of any kind; however, rejecting candidates on the basis of taking contributions from a teachers’ union appears extremely rightist. It isn’t as if the party is against contributions — they are against contributions from a teacher’s union. I think, in the long-run, it would do the GOP a huge service to their image to be a little more moderate in this regard.


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