State of the Union Address 2014

PBS Coverage of the State of the Union Address (Video)

CBS News Transcript of the State of the Union Address (Text)

My opinion: I thought one of the biggest themes of President Obama’s State of the Union address was his reiteration of “cutting red tape for”, “reducing legislation within”, and “working with” state and local government officials.

I know we always call ourselves a democracy, but we are best described as a federal republic. Meaning that there exists a separation of powers between the state and national level, and since our government is set up this way it makes since we truly utilize this structure.

Many pundits I have heard say that the President was not “aggressive” enough and didn’t lay out many policy proposals. On the contrary, I believe what the President did was say let’s allow the states and local government the opportunity to create their own prescriptions for growth and then facilitate those proposals. I think this is a spectacular idea as there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to the problems America faces.

If I took away anything from the President’s opening half of his speech (the economy portion) it was that the economy is recovering, and the best way to see a strong recovery is by letting the states make decisions that work best for them.

My big critique on this idea: He should have come in armed with some kind of package that incentivizes cities to create legislation that promotes small business growth.  For example, the federal government matches funding provided by local governments to business startups through a program the local government created.


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