Critique on Bentley’s State of the State Address Article

Though most of Alabama’s state “poverty dollars” go to children or senior citizens who can’t work, the next largest amount goes to workers who cannot survive on their paychecks alone. They are able to participate in the economy because their wages are supplemented by food assistance, child care and health coverage for their children.

But for parents who make between about $200 and $1,700 a month, there’s nothing. That is, there’s nothing unless the state expands Medicaid eligibility to cover them. But Bentley says no; he says he wants to discourage dependency on government programs.

My opinion: It seems to me that politicians on both sides of the isle pick a phrase, like “I want to discourage dependency” and go to the absolute extreme with it.  Quite frankly, I don’t understand why nuance and compromise are such a distasteful concepts?  If it’s because forming complicated platforms into a 15 sec sound bite is impossible, then political debates should just be held via Twitter from now on. This would seem appropriate since forming an entire political ideology around a 10 word phrase is as thoughtful as a cat meme: “Can i haz poLitikz?”


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